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Silver Cup Ring

Silver Cup Ring with Cremation Ashes and Crushed Opal. Available in Rainbow mix (pictured), or Blue and Green, Red and Purple, Blue and Purple, Purple and Green, White and Green, Pink and Purple, Yellow and Red, Pink and Blue.

$125Keepsakes (8 mm in diameter)

Expectant Dewdrop

Long Silver and Crushed Opal Necklace with Cremation Ashes. Available in Pink and Purple (pictured), Blue and Purple, Red and Blue, Green and Blue, Red and Purple, Purple and Green, Yellow and Red.

$175Keepsakes (35mm L x 10mm x 6mm H)

Cat Eye Orb

This beautiful multi-colored glass cremation paperweight with infused cremains is a lovely way to celebrate the life of someone close to you. A thick band of multi-colored glass spins up from the bottom to the top of this orb. With a lovely spotted pattern, it looks refined and spiritual in any setting. Place outside as garden art or inside as a home decor accent piece. It has a flat spot on the bottom so it won't roll.

$260Keepsakes (4" in diameter)

Clara Blue Urn

Crafted with aluminum and threaded lid for secure closure. Blue Color. Full Size.

$175Full Size (10 1/2 " H)

Crimson Red Urn

Beautiful red urn crafted of brass. Made with threaded lid for secure closure. Red color. Full size.

$220Full Size (9 7/8" H)
Optional engraving for $80

Bamboo Box

Crafted of renewable bamboo with sliding panel at bottom for secure closure. (CB200) Hardwood; Natural and Wood Grain Color; Full Size

$130Full Size (5.7"H x 9.3"W x 6.5"D)

Serenity Scattering Urn

Crafted of medium density fiberboard with sliding panel at the top. (MS110) Medium Density Fiberboard Material. White and Tan Color. Full Size.

$110Full Size (10.0"H x 8.3"W x 3.9"D)

Biodegradable Tree Urn

Biodegradable Tree Urn contains seeds for the tree of your choice. The urn planter comes inside a beautiful keepsake tin, which can be used after planting the tree as a keepsake memorial chest for letters, trinkets, photos, and more. This urn is intended to only hold a small amount of remains. An average adult would need about 5 of these urns to fit all of the cremated remains.

$250Keepsakes (6 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W)
Optional engraving for $80

Aria Tree of Life Urn

Crafted of brass with a threaded lid for secure closure. (5240L) Brass Material; Green Color; Full Size; Engravable

$240Full Size (10.0"H x 6.6"W x 6.6" D )

Star Spangled Banner Flag Urn

Crafted of medium density fiberboard with sliding panel at the top. (CMB801L) Medium Density Fiberboard with faux leather detail; Blue; Full Size

$195Full Size (5.7"H x 9.1"W x 6.4" D)

Regal Mother of Pearl

Captivating and detailed mother of pearl design. Made of brass. Threaded lid for secure closure.

$300Full Size (10 1/2" H x 8" W x 8" D)